A message from our team:

Dear Clients,

The team at Tekonsha Animal Hospital wants to thank you for your support and understanding during these challenging times. We also wanted to touch base with you about some important changes we are making in response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. As many of you know, we are essential workers and have continued to work since the very beginning of the pandemic. If you have visited the hospital in the last several months, you will have noticed that there have been important changes in our procedures.

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to us and has required us to adapt our policies and procedures on a daily basis. Our biggest challenge has been how to continue to operate as a fully functioning hospital while protecting the health of our team and our community. We believe that the health of your pet is important and we are doing our best to help you, maintain their health. We have adopted many policies such as curbside service, use of PPE, social distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, telemedicine, and other methods of communicating to make sure we remain safe and operational. Due to the current conditions of the pandemic and the rules put forth by the Governor we will remain practicing curbside until further notice. The building will remain closed to the public, with the exception of euthanasia.

Making this situation even more challenging, our volume of sick patients has increased by about 25%. As you can imagine, this has created considerable stress for our team. Even though our clients do not get to see what is going on inside of our building right now, we assure you that everyone is working as hard and as quickly as we can. We have been hiring and training additional people to try and help with the volume of patients we are seeing. We ask that you please give us some grace and patience as we work to try and get everything done for your pet. You may be surprised to know that many of our patients are actually more relaxed in the room, they don’t feel like they have to protect you so they are happily eating their treats. Be mindful that sometimes a delay may happen because of an emergent situation that you may not see, being curbside.

We would like to address an issue that has become a frequent bone of contention for everyone. The “Why can’t I come into the building question?” While we would love to see your smiling face–we miss our clients, we just can’t allow people in for the safety of our team members and for you. As many of you know our exam rooms are small, and there is no ability to social distance in them. The Governor also put forth regulations regarding ventilation and cleaning, in between appointments, that would greatly limit our ability to see more than 2 patients per hour. This would not allow us to take care of the volume of patients we need to see daily. Please be kind and understanding to our team members as we continue to navigate these difficult times.

Our team is very important to us, we ask that you help us help you. Please stop swearing at the staff and being disrespectful, we are doing the best that we can. They are only following the protocols that we have put into place to keep everyone safe.

Thank you

The Team at Tekonsha Animal Hospital PLLC

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